LTE Broadcast

Delivers HD video more reliably, cost-effectively, and with better ROI

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LTE Broadcast is already helping some of the world’s leading telecoms meet their customers’ growing need for video content.

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One transmission reaching millions

Networks will not cave in even if everybody is watching the same HD-content, in the same area, at the same time.

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New Revenue and Services

Broadcast enables carriers to offload their networks, and make new and better business with video content.

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Expand IPTV-networks faster

LTE Broadcast is the fastest and cheapest way to increase IPTV networks’ coverage: No cables required!

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Emergency Alerts that reach everyone

eMBMS will soon be in all smartphones, and then nothing beats LTE Broadcast at emergency alerts.

Verizon Quotes

LTE Multicast opens up new revenue streams. You will get more and bigger data bundles, but people are going to use more, so the revenue drive is going to continue. Verizon aims to offer live broadcast TV over 4G LTE and to air the Super Bowl over its network in the 2014 timeframe.

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ATT Quotes

AT&T is developing a ‘broadcast capability’ to remove video traffic from its wide-area wireless networks. AT&T’s focus is to architect its networks to deliver video and that’s where AT&T will spend the most of its capital in the next three years.

Randall L. Stephenson, CEO


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